Linnwood Estates Assisted Living Services and Features

Services and Features –The following services and features are included at Linnwood Estates for ALL levels of care:


  • Private bathroom with a walk-in shower
  • Kitchenette with microwave and refrigerator/freezer
  • Carpet and window coverings
  • All utilities are paid (excluding phone and internet), cable is included.
  • Telephone outlet (monthly service and billing will be provided directly to you from the local telephone company)
  • 2 Data lines are available in each apartment (monthly service and billing will be provided directly to you from the provider of your choice)
  • Individual temperature control
    • Smoke alarm/sprinkler system
    • Basic maintenance (replacing bulbs in permanent fixtures, plumbing issues).
  • Three nutritionally balanced meals served daily/minor diet regulation.

Additional Amenities

  • Activities – social, cultural, spiritual and recreational activities are offered for those who wish to participate
    • Beauty and Barber shop available on site
  • Use of recreational and other common areas located at Linnwood Estates.
  • Transportation for in-town appointments available with 1 week advanced notice and out of town appointments within 45 miles of Linnwood Estates with a 2 week notice.

Emergency Response Policy

  • Emergency Response Policy- Linnwood Estates will provide an Emergency Response System to all tenants. Response will be in a timely manner and response times will be monitored by Linnwood Estate’s Program Director or Director of Nursing.


  • Linnwood Estates is staffed 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Each tenant shall have access to a 24-hour personal emergency response system that automatically identifies the tenant in distress and can be activated with one touch.  RN delegation will be used at the discretion of the Program Director.  A Licensed Nurse is on site or on call 24 hours per day-7 days a week.  Staff will be trained to observe for changing needs of the tenant through in-services, communication and education.


Care Levels and Optional/Additional Service Charges


Care Levels – Care level is determined by a current assessment completed by a Linnwood Estates licensed nurse.  Assistance will be provided by staff members who are available in-house twenty-four hours a day, in accordance with the State of Iowa’s regulations.


Level One

Standard 1 bedroom ———————–$3,030.00 (*excluding add-ons)

Deluxe 1 bedroom ————————–$3,435.00 (*excluding add-ons)


  • Periodic evaluation of tenant needs to ensure that the cares a tenant needs are within the range of assisted living regulations
  • Daily observations, supervision, and supportive care as needed
  • Weekly laundry service for bed linens, towels and personal laundry
  • Housekeeping (dust, vacuum, sweep and clean bathroom/kitchen area) will be provided bi-weekly (every other week)
  • Assistance with appointment scheduling or contacting physician or other health care provider
  • Medication assistance

Level Two

Standard 1 bedroom ———————–$3,245.00 (*excluding add-ons)

Deluxe 1 bedroom ————————–$3,375.00 (*excluding add-ons)



  • All level one services plus the additional services of
  • Stand-by assistance with bathing twice weekly (1 person)
  • Stand-by assistance with independent transfers (1 person)
  • Minimal behavior supervision/observation
  • Minimal reminders for activities of daily living (ADL)

Level Three

Standard 1 bedroom ———————–$3,785.00 (*excluding add-ons)

Deluxe 1 bedroom ————————–$4,220.00 (*excluding add-ons)


  • All level one services plus the additional services of
  • Daily supervision/observation for behavior
  • Daily oral hygiene care reminding/supervision
  • Daily dressing assistance
  • Assistance with bathing twice weekly
  • Daily assistance with 1 person transfers (in and out of chair/bed/commode/shower)
  • Assistance with activities of daily living (ADL)
  • Daily reminders and assistance getting to meals and activities

Medication Assistance (included in all levels)

  • Linnwood Estates staff can:
    • Administer medications
    • Take orders from Physicians
    • Order refills and new medications from the pharmacy
  • The Linnwood Estates Licensed Nurse will review medications every 90 days for adverse reactions.
  • Our staff is trained and/or certified in medication administration and is then delegated to administer medication by the Licensed nurse. The decision as to whether you are able to self-administer and self-store medication will be decided upon by the Tenant and the RN after an initial assessment is completed.  Our primary concern is promotion of health and safety while you reside at Linnwood Estates.



Available Optional Add-On services

  • Second person in apartment ———-$1,055.00
  • Guest Meals —————————–$5.00 per meal
  • Beauty/barber shop on-site (*price set by beautician).
  • Facility provided transportation is $7.50 in Glenwood, $15.00 for Malvern or Tabor and $25 for any other out of town

Apartment Floor Plans

Standard One Bedroom

390 Sq. Ft.

Deluxe One Bedroom

492 Sq. Ft.



Business Office

  • Linnwood Estates accounts payable and accounts receivable will be done out of the business office at the Glen Haven Home. If you have any questions regarding your bill, please do not hesitate to contact the Director of Nursing for Linnwood Estates at 712-527-1035 or the Business Office Manager at Glen Haven Home at 712-527-3101. The invoice will go out by the first of the month.  All rent will be paid current; services (transportation, meals) will be paid for in arrears.


  • Linnwood Estates will serve three nutritionally balanced meals a day. Meals are served family style.
  • During an illness, tray service will be available in your room when requested through our staff for a period of three (3) days. After 3 days the tenant will be charged.
  • Our private dining room is available with a reservation for entertaining family or friends on special occasions. Guests are always welcome. Please make reservations in advance at the front desk.  Guest meals may be paid in cash or billed monthly to the tenant.  Coffee is always available, please help yourself.
  • Personal snacks/food are allowed in your apartment if they are non-perishable and kept in an airtight container. Perishable snacks may be kept in the refrigerator in your room. It is your responsibility to watch for expiration dates and discard any spoiled items.

Meal Times:

Breakfast:…Serving begins at 7:00 a.m. – ending at 9:00 a.m.

Lunch:………Serving begins at 12:00 p.m. – ending at 1:00 p.m.

Dinner:……..Serving begins at 5:30 p.m. – ending at 6:00 p.m.


Occupancy Agreement

  • Prior to moving into Linnwood Estates you will be given an explanation of our Occupancy Agreement. This document outlines the services we as a facility will provide and outlines what you are able to do for yourself. A signed copy of the Occupancy Agreement will be made for your records.

Service Plan

  • A licensed nurse from Linnwood Estates staff will complete a Service Plan with you. Your Service Plan will specifically identify your needs, abilities and goals. This document will be continually reviewed and updated.

Health Services

  • Our trained staff are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please use your call pendant when you need assistance.
  • Our facility’s licensed nurse is available on a one-to-one basis at your request to consult with you concerning any health problems.
  • Staff can also assist with some activities of daily living as required.
  • If you choose to use an outside agency (Mills County Public Health, Home Health, etc.) please notify the Director of Nursing so that services are not duplicated or charged for.
  • Other ancillary services available through Linnwood Estates include Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and Hospice. Contact the Director of Nursing for details.


  • Housekeeping includes dusting, vacuuming, sweeping and cleaning the bathroom and kitchen area every other week. Personal trash may be gathered and left outside door in closed bag and staff will gather and remove from facility.

Laundry Services

  • Laundry facilities (washers and dryers) are available for residents to launder their own items. There are specific laundry detergent/fabric softener requirements; please contact the staff for instructions.
  • At all levels personal laundry can be picked up, laundered and delivered to your room on a weekly schedule, which will be determined as soon as you move in.

Please provide hangers for those items you would like hung up, all others will be neatly folded and placed in your laundry basket.  Hanging items will be hung in your closet and folded items will be left in your basket for you to put away.  Every item of clothing should be labeled with your name before you move in.  Each piece of clothing brought to you after laundering should be labeled.  Any item without a name will remain in the laundry room.  If your family member wishes to do your laundry off site, please inform the staff.  Bedding will be done once a week.  Staff will remove bedding and put laundered bedding back on.


Activity Department

  • Recreational and social activities are scheduled throughout the week, which include daytime as well as some evening and weekend events. A monthly calendar of events is provided for every resident. Additional calendars can be found on the front desk in the lobby.  Some of the activities include exercise, bingo, card games, music appreciation, outings and discussion groups.  If there is an event or activity that you enjoy but we do not already offer, please contact the Activities Director.


Beauty Shop/Barber Shop

  • A full service salon is located at Linnwood Estates. Please inform the Cosmetologist if an appointment is needed.  The cost for services can be found posted in the salon.  Payment will be made from you directly to the Cosmetologist.

Church Services

  • Nondenominational church services are available at Linnwood Estates, as scheduled on monthly activity calendar. We encourage you to join us.


Tenant Counsel

  • Within our facility, tenants and staff members form a committee to address needs, concerns and new ideas. It is very important that residents feel represented in the development of services provided to them within our facility. This counsel meets every month to discuss and address issues.  We encourage you to participate and any input you have would be greatly appreciated.

Family Involvement

  • Often family members may see things that we don’t, or they may have questions that they would like explained to them so that they have a better understanding of our services and their family member’s resources. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Director of Nursing or Program Director to assist you. Our staff is available at all times to tenants and their family members.

Dental Services

  • You make dental appointments with your dentist or our staff may assist you. Your dentist will bill you directly.


Doctor Visits/Hospitalizations

  • Whenever a visit to the doctor’s office is required, if a family member is taking you to the appointment, we ask that you please stop at the front desk to get an “Office Visit Form” to give to the physician to complete. These forms are valuable tools of communication between your physician and our staff. The “Office Visit Form” should be returned to the front desk when you return from your appointment.  This enables us to initiate any changes that have been ordered by your physician in a timely and appropriate manner.  If you need us to assist you with transportation, please allow our staff to schedule those appointments for you a minimum of one (1) week in advance.
  • When you are in the hospital or nursing home and plan to return to Linnwood Estates, we must be notified ahead of time. This will allow the staff ample time to get all medications and possible new orders taken care of with the pharmacy. It also allows the staff to prepare other paperwork and preparations needed to make the transition back home run smoothly.  Please note it is a state regulation for the staff to have signed doctor’s orders for your loved one to return to Linnwood; therefore, the staff and family must have communication as well as the hospital or nursing home.  Without signed orders, regulations will not allow you to return or any medication administration to occur.  Before returning to Linnwood Estates after a three day hospital stay, the Registered Nurse must reassess you to assure that you still meet your current level of care and that our staff will be able to meet all of your needs.
  • In the event you are in the hospital, nursing home, or any other facility and wish to return to Linnwood you shall continue to pay for your apartment as you would your house or your apartment within the community.


  • You may choose to have the telephone hook-ups in your apartment activated. Call Century Link at 1-800-366-8201 for installation. Please notify us of your new telephone number.  Two phone jacks are provided in each apartment.  One is in the living room area and one in the bedroom.  Two other jacks in the apartment are data lines.


  • Linnwood Estates receives everyone’s mail. It is sorted and delivered to you. All outgoing mail can be left in basket at the front desk and will be picked up by the mailman Monday through Saturday.


  • Your morning or evening papers will be left outside your apartment door. Please notify the staff which papers you should be getting.

Reading Material

  • Magazines and a wide selection of books are available in the sitting areas at the ends of the halls.


  • Linnwood Estates staff will provide transportation in-town for medical appointments when family members are not available; however, sometimes this requires a staff member to accompany you to your physician. Staff must receive a minimum of one week notice for in-town appointments and two weeks for out of town appointments. Please contact the front desk to schedule transportation.  Occasionally there may be scheduling conflicts as we share vehicles with Glen Haven home but we will make every attempt to make scheduled appointments or give adequate notice to re-schedule.
  • Glenwood does have a cab service available, 527-0070. Southwest Iowa Transport is also available by calling 866-279-4720. For continuity of care we ask that you sign the check-in/out book when leaving or returning.  This is located at the front desk.

Alcoholic Beverages

  • Alcoholic beverages are permitted in your room. Should a problem arise, the management will address it on an individual basis.


  • Although Linnwood Estates carries adequate insurance on the building, we do not carry insurance on your personal property. We are not responsible for loss or breakage. We recommend you carry rental insurance to insure your personal property.


  • The Director of Nursing is available on site Monday through Friday during daytime hours and by phone 24/7 .
  • The Program Director is available by appointment or by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • The Administrator can be reached at 527-3101 (Glen Haven Home).

Notice of Termination

  • If you determine that you must move, was ask that you give at least 30 days notice in accordance with the Occupancy Agreement. This  may be a written notice or by notifying the Director of Nursing.

Parking/Personal Vehicles

  • Parking spaces will be assigned for those who bring their own vehicle. Always lock your doors for security. If you choose to have a personal vehicle on Linnwood Estates property you or your family are responsible for all maintenance issues.   Non-working vehicles may not be “stored” in Linnwood Estates parking lot.
  • During winter months Linnwood Estates staff is not responsible for the snow removal, ice removal or “warming up” the vehicle.
  • There may be times when Linnwood Estates maintenance staff may ask for the vehicle to be parked in a different location to make snow removal and salting of ice easier.
  • There are handicapped spaces available for visitors and loading/unloading.

Safety and Security

  • The doors at Linnwood Estates will be locked from 10:30 PM to 5:00 AM. If you return to the facility after the doors are locked there will be a door bell to use so that you can be let in. This is also the case for emergency personnel that may need to get in after the doors are locked.
  • You will be provided with a help pendant. This will act as your “call light” or “life line”. You will wear this pendant around your neck or on your wrist.  When you need assistance, have fallen or are ill, press the button on your pendant.  All staff members will wear pagers that will signal them that you are in need of help and they will come to your assistance.  You will be provided with the first pendant, if you lose your pendant you will be asked to replace it at a cost of $135.  Should it break or stop working, Linnwood will replace it.
  • For safety reasons we ask that you do not use extension cords, electric blankets, heating pads or throw rugs. Candles are not permitted to be burned. If you choose to have candles, the wicks should be clipped off.
  • Our building is equipped with an automatic sprinkler system and a fire alarm system throughout the facility.
  • Fire drills are held regularly and you are requested to participate. You will be instructed where the fire alarms and fire extinguishers are located and how to properly use them in case of fire. All Christmas decorations must be flame retardant.  See attached Fire Safety instructions for Residents sheet and our Tornado Warning Policy.

We also encourage you to keep a flashlight in an easily accessible location within your apartment in case of emergencies.



  • Linnwood Estates is a smoke free facility.


  • No solicitations or sales presentations are allowed. The Director must approve any exceptions to this.

Tipping Policy

  • Tipping is not allowed at Linnwood Estates. Do not tip or present gifts to any member of the staff.  This is your home and we welcome the opportunity to provide you with our services without the need of such gratuities.


What Should You Bring/Provide?

  • Each apartment will be equipped with a refrigerator and microwave; it is your responsibility to keep these appliances clean. Linnwood Estates will ensure they are working properly and will do any maintenance on these appliances.
  • We encourage you to make your apartment as homelike as possible. You will need to bring your own bed and bedding. Please bring extra bed linens to replace when yours are being laundered.  Bathroom linens are not provided by Linnwood Estates but again will be laundered by Linnwood.  Please be sure your name is on the towels.  You will need to provide toilet paper, tissues, trash bags and any personal care items.
  • Any furniture needs for the living area are your responsibility. We expect them to be clean and safe for your use. Lamps are acceptable; however, no extension cords can be used.
  • The kitchenette will not be stocked by Linnwood Estates. It is your responsibility to bring paper towels, dish towels, dishes, silverware, and cleaning supplies if needed. If medications are to be administered by Linnwood staff hand soap and paper towels must be provided for infection control.
  • Linnwood Estates will not provide batteries for electronics or light bulbs for lamps (bulbs for built-in overhead lighting will be provided and changed by Linnwood Estates). Any plumbing, heating or air-conditioning maintenance will be done by Linnwood Estates. See a staff member for a work order.
  • Linnwood Estates can assist in hanging items on walls if needed. Painting will be done by Linnwood Estates only. Installation of wallpaper is prohibited. Due to fire code, Linnwood Estates will provide treated draperies, blinds will not be permitted.  Extension cords may not be used for larger electronic items (TV, stereo, computer, etc.), approved surge protectors are available for purchase from Linnwood for $55.00.